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    Our employee and manager self service portals
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    From administrative and strategic modules,
    on premise or on the cloud, there is a myPrimeHR for you.


We are inspired by our commitment to society, our desire to make a difference, and our faith in our own capabilities, we continue to journey the path of excellence through hard work, continuous learning and education, unity and cooperation, and promoting quality service and value for customers.

Laser Sharp Focus

On development and deployment of human resource information systems.

Among The First

Introduced a lot of first spanning two decades of innovation.

Widest Coverage

Broad expertise and client-base in various industries.

We are one of the most successful ISV in the Philippines. We have been developing and implementing our own human resource management application since August 8, 1994. Founded by a group of professionals and experts covering human resource management, software engineering and architecture, accounting, and systems implementation.

Being the first to locally developed a Windows based payroll running true client/server technology, we were able to put our product in the back offices on some of the top 1000 companies in our country during the earliest stages of enterprise computing.

Our continuous growth and business renewals are validation of our ability to deliver great products and services.






Years of Experience


Employee Records

Our Product

myPrimeHR is a comprehensive suite of web-based human resource applications that provides organizations the necessary tools and programs for their employees to perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

Our Partial List of Clients

  • Orly Badong

    Finance and Administration, CBI
  • Emily Liboon

    Consultant, Nanox
  • Carol Sotalbo

    Business Systems, Servier

Our Solutions

Our business models simplifies our end-point solution to any type of human resource requirements. It helps our clients streamline their business and immediately implement a successful system.

On Premise

For industries with huge number of employees such as bpo and manufacturing.

  • Project Implementation
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Configuration Assistance
  • Licensed Software
  • Provision for Customization

On Demand

For organizations where self-service is needed yet population is dynamic.

  • Product can be onsite or remote
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Third Party Integration
  • Software is Rented
  • Provision for outsource services

On Cloud

For those who need robust HR system with minimum infrastructure investment.

  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure
  • Secured access everywhere
  • Industry standard settings
  • Pay as you use
  • Scalability options

Empower Your Employees

When you need to reduce the time, expense, and paperwork involved in routine human resources task, you have to give employees and managers control of their own data and transactions. myPrime HR Portal and Employee Self Service (ESS) Kiosk complement almost all of Prime Human Resource Information System modules as it bridges your employees' roles and function securely to your company's HR database.

Whether you have very low or high computer-to-employee ratio, myPrime can handle the tasks you wish to entrust to your managers and employees. You can even scale myPrime ESS modules separately from one another, starting with Time and Attendance going up to Compensation and Benefits..

  • Studies show self-service can save organizations more than $100 per year per employee and free up an average of 1,200 hours each year per HR staff member.
  • New technologies tend to take 15 years before it fully penetrates the culture. Self-service is moving from the early adapters to the early majority.
  • After a little more than a year in operation, GM saw as many as 15 million to 20 million hits a month on its pre-portal intranet site.

Appraisals and Goals Management

Employee Performance Appraisal, though forms part of employee development, is a system requirement on its own. Most local companies prefer to start with the character-based dimensions and time-related benchmarks as parameters for their employee performance checks, then later move on to a more holistic approach of competency and scorecard evaluation. Whatever the methodology, companies with high employee to PC ratio prefer online evaluation.

Prime allows companies to start small, move to online and then later scale-up their performance management system. Prime even allows employees and managers reserve rooms for the appraisal sessions. The whole process and results can then be monitored and computed automatically for executives to actually pinpoint corporate competencies that might be needing improvement or to some extent, create a new strategy.

  • Only 111 out of 1,854 companies (13%) were able to generate sustained profitable growth for a ten-year period.
  • Are people totally energized and committed to to their company's goals? Only about 1 in 10 says so.
  • One of the converge of human performance technology model is opportunities, which transpire when the current performance are met, thereby create a significant competitive edge and a chance to improve by 20 percent.

Employee and Labor Relations

Labor intensive industries are always open to employee dissatisfaction and labor unrest. Simple execution of ordinary administration tasks, sometimes, eats up all of he time of an HR professional. The responsibility of playing a strategic role in the business sometimes is put at the least of the priorities, missing its important contribution to the whole organization.

Improving employee relation is one of the most difficult tasks of an HR manager. Our solution basically handles employee requests, filing complaints, and implementation of company rules and regulations, policies and guidelines, and collective bargaining agreements.

  • About 3 out of 5 don't trust their employers to keep their commitments to their employees.
  • In 2001 the country experienced the lowest number of strikes. In 2003 there were only 30 strikes that were registered.
  • About 2 in 5 say that they work in a 'win-win' atmosphere.

Talent Development and Management

Attracting winners in your company is much easier than keeping them. The whole facet of strategic HR- recruiting, job profiling, appraisal and training are always for employee development. HR managers and company executives must be able to guide employees towards a common corporate goal while not alienating their own personal objectives. As Steven Covey, author of the 8th Habit, says "We managed things, we lead people."

Though nurturing and developing skills and competencies is always more of an art than science, a good tool always makes the task easier. Prime strategic modules allow you to managed personality, character or competency-based dimensions. Create training programs that would bring out the best in your most vital resource- your employees. Ultimately leading them harness their maximum potential.

  • 97% of 3,500 managers hold back employee empowerment because they are afraid to let go.
  • Research generally shows that if an employee stays for a year, it's a strong likelihood that the person will remain with the company for a much longer time.
  • Only 22% report they have clear "line of sight" between their own goals and the organization’s goal.

Project Cost Charging and Billing

Most employees directly contribute to their organizations' bottom line. Their transactions and activities must be properly monitored and managed so that their customers would feel that the billings are fair and accurate. Expenses must be charged accordingly to the right cost centers, if and when approvals happen. These employees must not be constricted by recording methodologies, but helped more by generating more revenue.

With a strong cost accounting-foundation, Prime modules can handle cost, cross and project chargings, up to the employee work-minute level. Prime's strong reporting capability can easily extract this information for third-party systems to utilize. Moving on further, organizations can create comprehensive compensation and benefits package from support to winning employees.

  • In 2001, the Philippines exported around US$1 billion in IT services and business process- generated by approximately 290,000 skilled professionals.
  • Companies today spend 60-80 percent of their indirect e-procurement dollars on services (i.e.--travel, marketing, payroll) and have no efficient means of tracking and managing these costs.
  • The experiment was conducted within a tree-planting firm and provides daily observations on individual worker productivity under piece rates and fixed wage. Unrestricted statistical methods estimate the productivity gain to be 20%.

Top Line Productity

Monitoring employee productivity is an arduous task because it involves the most number of transactions in a Human Resource Information System- time based transactions. This requirement is commonly expounded by your organization's and government's time-related policies and guidelines. Security issues must be considered also as employees data can be tampered or even represented by somebody else.

Prime employee productivity monitoring applications is the best suite around to handle these complex requirements. Used by organizations with up to 85,000 employees, no local or foreign product can match the flexibility and power of Prime Time and Attendance programs. Augmented by its fingerprint identification and web portal programs, employee productivity will be securely monitored and managed.

  • Workers waste about 1 hour in 5 dealing with politics and bureaucracy.
  • Labor productivity in 2004 grew only slightly from 2.7 percent in 2003 to 2.9 percent or in constant terms from P35,302 to P36,316. The biggest growth was experienced in industry, from 0.7 percent to 2 percent.
  • 85% of all productivity problems relate to management and only 15% relate to workers' performance.
  • It is important to note that not all employees will be top producers. In fact, as much as 40% of your employees may fall in the "less than acceptable" range when you start looking at productivity levels.

Our product is open for evaluation to help build this ever growing HR community. Register and give us a call at +632 844-9722. We always would like to hear from you.

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